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Created, Filmed, and Performed by Nicole Charlton Goodbrand (2020)

They say you cook with love, but what if that love becomes so fervent that it entirely consumes you? 


In the short film ‘Her Cooking Smells Like Death’ we follow the dismembered events that surround the unusual and gruesome disappearance of the protagonist, Birdie Potts’, beloved husband Larry. Following a disjointed and skewed timeline, we slowly begin to understand the circumstances of Larry’s disappearance, and uncover why he was never truly lost to Birdie… and why no trace of him was ever found by the police.

This work was created through Dancers’ Studio West’s Creative Intensive and Quick+Dirty programs, premiered on July 24th, 2020 on DSW’s Quick+Dirty Festival and was the recipient of the CanadaVOICE award in the WiLDOGS International Screendance Festival 2020, chosen as an official selection- screening in Calgary, Saskatoon, Honolulou, Poland and online. 

Voice By Travis Goodbrand

Outside Eye By Sasha Ivanochko, Linnea Swan, Jacob Niedzwiecki & Barbara England

Photos By Nicole Charlton Goodbrand

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