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Choreographed by Nicole Charlton Goodbrand (2016)


Presented in Dance Montage, by the School of Creative and Performing Arts

at the University of Calgary,


Fragile? Explores the duality of femininity and

asks; Can we be both delicate and tenacious, both aesthetic and unadorned,

both gracious and bold, both sophisticated and accessible, both timid and

brave, both dramatic and understated, both compliant and wilful, both

obedient and un-yielding, both loyal and treacherous.

Performers- Zoe Abrigo, Kadin Aumentado, Misha Bernia, Tamara Block, Ariane Dangelat, Madison Dixon, Marynia Fekecz, Ally Fraser, Jennifer Fridfinnson, Ally Grab, Megan Koch, Adina Mah, Kaitlin Mathis, Sarah McColman, Julia Mitchell, Mariko Moriyama, Vanessa Padillo, Angell Pierce, Sydney Potter, Miranda Stewart, Alex Toutant, Su Lin Tseng, Jullian Ung, Reese Wilson, Katie Zwick

Outside Eye- Melissa Monteros

Performed at the University Theatre, Calgary, Alberta

Photos By- CRU Photography and Tim Nguyen Photography

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