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Choreographed by Nicole Charlton Goodbrand (2019)


Presented as part of the live showing in Skylines Dance and Film Series Calgary, at the Decidedly Jazz Dance Centre Theatre. The work Beasts is centralized around the idea of conscience and morality. It illustrates how humans can quickly justify their cruel and nasty behavior as being a necessity to their survival. The pack mentality is also prevalent in this work, as it further encourage poor and immoral behavior and allows people to hide in a crowd and make decisions based upon the actions of others, sometimes without even realizing it.


“A beast does not know that he is a beast, and the nearer a man gets to being

beast, the less he knows it” -George MacDonald

Performers- Emma Butler, Kyrie Catolico, Alia Chin, Jordana Colley, Rebecca Curran, Sloan DeWare, Athena Fariaz, Maya Fariaz, Morgan Heinz, Olyvia Hoban, Jada Kiss, Megan Koch, Madison LeVesconte, Avery Loro, Kiahna Lucardie, Ainsley MacDonald, Teegan Mazury, Zoe Rendell, Taylor Ritchie, Jenna Sluggett, Sydney Thomson, Morgan Wilson, and Reese Wilson 

Original Cast Members- Tori Klassen, Cassie Koller, and Josê Vasquez

Music- The Beatitudes Performed by Capricorn, Edward Higginbottom & New College Choir, Oxford

Special Thanks to North Calgary Dance Centre

Performed at the Decidedly Jazz Dance Centre Theatre

Photos By Nicole Charlton Goodbrand 

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